Data Analytics

There is an enormous amount of information available about the activity on your website. Things like who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they got to your site can be measured.

For anyone interested in growing their business on the internet, data analytics is a vital tool.

Analytics helps businesses get a better understanding of their website. It also helps measure how marketing, content and products are performing and how users are engaging with them.

Web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other tools such as heatmaps,  can give you a lot of useful information about how people are using your site. This not only allows you to learn about your website to make sure it is easy to use and effective, It also means you learn about your customer and can refine your offering accordingly.

At Click Conversion we mine the data form a number of sources, which allows us to gain valuable insights into how your customer behaves. Take a look below at some of the analysis we provide.

Data Sources

At Click Conversion we understand the vast amount of data available to your business online. We trawl through google analytics and google search console to gain insights into how your customers engage with you online. Heatmaps and session recordings are other ways we can see how your customers interact.

With these data sources we can understand things like, which channels are your most profitable, which customer segment are most likely to buy and which products are converting most efficiently. We also constantly monitor your ad campaigns to ensure your budget is being spent in the right area, allowing you to gain a higher return on your ad spend

Know Your Customer

Usually when you begin your online journey you will have an idea of who your target customer is. You might have created personas of who you think would be interested in your product to service. Understanding these target customers is crucial to your online success.

Greater understanding comes from the data. By correctly using the data available to you you can uncover powerful insights into the behaviour of your customers online. The more you understand your customer the easier it is to target them and create successful marketing campaigns that convert and make more sales for your business.


Google Analytics 4

By now most online businesses are familiar with, or at least aware of, Google Analytics. It is basically an online tool that helps you analyse the traffic that visits your website (or app). A couple of years ago Google introduced Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This was a new version of analytics, focused more on ecommerce conversions and privacy, compared to UA which focused more on sessions.

Up to recently, this has been used alongside the regular google analytics (known as UA, Universal Analytics) and most businesses were reluctant to fully commit. However, UA has become obsolete as of July 2023 and will stop recording hits to your site.

GA4 has become the go to analytics tool for your ecommerce site and understanding it will be crucial to continue to understand your customer and how your site is performing.

If you would like to hear more about how Click Conversion can use your data to grow your business, click here to start your journey

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