PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a type of online advertising where the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on their ad. The most popular platform for using PPC ads is Google Ads. Your ad is displayed to potential customers who  have shown an interest in your product or service by what they have searched for.

Advertisers bid on search terms, or keywords, and depending on numerous factors, can get the ad placed at the top of search results pages, on YouTube videos, or on relevant websites, depending on the type of ad campaign selected.

At Click Conversion we use insights gained from the data on your website to craft PPC Campaigns that will increase your online sales and grow your business. Take a look below at some of the types of campaign we can run for you.

Search Ads

As everyone knows, the first of call for most on the web is google. In Ireland, google has a 95% market share amongst search engines. Therefore to get to the top of the google search results page (SERP) is invaluable for a business. Search Ads are text based ads that appear at the top of the SERP. This allows your business to appear in front of potential customers that are actively looking for your product or service.

Display Ads

Similar to search ads, display ads are another way of getting your business in front of people that are already interested in your product or service. The difference is, these are image based ads that show across the google display network, such as Youtube and websites that have chosen to display google ads. Because they are usually images they are more eye catching and have the potential to show your products in an attractive way to potential customers.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a search type that has grown and grown in recent years. With this type of ad, businesses have the ability to show specific products or categories to potential purchasers. The also show at the top of the search results page and display images and details of the products that match the search term. Shopping campaigns are linked to Google Merchant Centre where you connect your website stock.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is another form of online advertising that can help you grow your online sales. Although increased privacy around the web has made it more difficult, Facebook and Instagram remain a lucrative channel for advertisers. When advertising on these channels the options to target specific groups of customers is a real advantage. Also, whatever your budget, an effective campaign is still possible on these channels. It is also easy to link your online stock to your social channels so transactions can be made seamlessly.

If you would like to hear more about how Click Conversion can help you grow your business with data driven, effective PPC Campaigns, click here to start your journey

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